Youtube Video

16 05 2008

This video is of the Japanese Tetris Game show


Youtube Video

16 05 2008

This Youtube video is of the song “Forever” by Chris Brown

My Favorite Band

13 05 2008

My Favorite Band is The Jonas Brothers.

Because they  have great music!!

My Favorite Celebrity

13 05 2008

My favorite celebrity would have to be Mark Wahlberg.

Because hes in all the best movies


My Favorite Sports Team

13 05 2008

My favortie sports team is Miami Heat.

Because they are the best Basketball team

I also really like portugals soccer team!

They rock

My Favorite Sport

13 05 2008

My favortie sport is Badminton.

I’m pretty good at it and its fun to play.

My Dream Job…

9 05 2008

My dream job would have to be a doctor.

But it probally wont  happen because im not smart enough and

im scared of blood!